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Assignment Task: Task: Maddy has a paralegal practice specializing in highway traffic matters. A potential client with a speeding ticket calls her wanting her legal services. When Maddy performs a conflict check, she discovers a conflict of int …

  • Uploaded By : Pearl
  • Posted on : August 19th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Task 1. Rodica, a dual citizen of Romania and Brazil, was a member of a minority religious group in Romania. Because of her religious beliefs, Rodica was verbally and physically attacked by members of her community. She …

  • Uploaded By : Roman
  • Posted on : July 15th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Task Name the three main players involved in the front-end process and describe their functions? Name and explain the elements of inclusion which must be met by a Refugee Claimant? How can a person initi …

  • Uploaded By : Roman
  • Posted on : July 13th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Economic classes 5 01) What is dual intent and what view does the immigration department take regarding dual intent? 02) What is the legal basis for the selection of foreign nationals in the economic class? 03) What …

  • Uploaded By : Roman
  • Posted on : June 24th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Assessing various Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)   (1) One PNP program and prepare power point presentation (15 - 20 slides approx.)  (2)  Submit final presentation file to instructor via at …

  • Uploaded By : Roman
  • Posted on : June 24th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Task   What is the Start-up Visa program and what are the eligibility Criteria? What admissibility concerns might face an economic class immigrant? What are the main criteria of the Federa …

  • Uploaded By : Roman
  • Posted on : June 19th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Suppose one day you are exiting your company building and you encounter a fellow employee that you recognize but do not really know. You recognize that she works for the company, that she walks with a cane, and you have s …

  • Uploaded By : Brett
  • Posted on : June 18th, 2019
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Assignment Task   1. What areas of activity does the Ontario Human Rights Act apply to? If I was a labour union, would I have jurisdiction under the Code? Why, explain?   2. “ An invitation to dinner is not an invitation t …

  • Uploaded By : William
  • Posted on : June 14th, 2019
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