Data Mining


Assignment Task   Problem: CART-RF-ANN An Insurance firm providing tour insurance is facing higher claim frequency. The management decides to collect data from the past few years. You are assigned the task to make a model which predicts t …

  • Uploaded By : Brett
  • Posted on : August 16th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Problem 1: Clustering A leading bank wants to develop a customer segmentation to give promotional offers to its customers. They collected a sample that summarizes the activities of users during the past few months. You a …

  • Uploaded By : Brett
  • Posted on : August 11th, 2019
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Assessment Task: Thera Bank Case Study Data Mining Assessment Answer Thera Bank - Loan Purchase Modeling This case is about a bank (Thera Bank) which has a growing customer base. Majority of these customers are liability customers (deposito …

  • Uploaded By : Mitchell Lee
  • Posted on : December 02nd, 2018
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Python Program To Classify IRIS Dataset - Data Mining Assessment Answer Assessment Task: 1    Write a python program to classify IRIS dataset. Use libraries as  •    NumPy •    Panda …

  • Uploaded By : Mitchell Lee
  • Posted on : November 05th, 2018
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COSC2111 Data Mining Report Writing Assessment Answer Assessment Task: Overview In this assignment, you are asked to explore the use of neural networks for classification and numeric prediction. You are also asked to carry out a data m …

  • Uploaded By : Mitchell Lee
  • Posted on : October 31st, 2018
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    New Zealand

Cluster Analysis - Data Element - Average Distance - Data Mining Assessment Answer  Assessment Task: Cluster Analysis for Data Mining • How many clusters? • Most cluster analysis methods use a distance measure to calculate the …

  • Uploaded By : ethan
  • Posted on : October 21st, 2018
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Data mining Assessment Task Objective A case study needs to be done on the different and new data mining techniques to identify various anomalies, frauds, and intrusions faced by organizations. Also, conduct research on the existing case studie …

  • Uploaded By : Keith
  • Posted on : October 21st, 2018
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KF7028 - Data Mining - Research and Project Management - Assignment Help Task: Learning Outcomes tested in this assessment (from the Module Descriptor): Knowledge & Understanding: 1. Deploy comprehensive knowledge and understanding o …

  • Uploaded By : jaxon
  • Posted on : August 09th, 2018
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Assignment Task : In this homework assignment, you are going to use Cluster Analysis and Decision Tree induction algorithm on a weather forecast problem. It is a binary classification problem to predict whether or not a location will get rain the …

  • Uploaded By : Grace
  • Posted on : February 19th, 2018
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