Business Analytics


Assignment Task   Purpose: Prepare a report for your client to allow them to gain insights into the  demographic characteristics of their employees and possible links to absenteeism from work. Business Analytics Applications: …

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  • Posted on : August 09th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Aims of the unit The broad aims of this unit are to: 1. Enable students to develop a strong conceptual, theoretical and practical set of skills to analyse a company; 2. Enable students to analyse business problems they …

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  • Posted on : August 04th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Objective Students learn to create a model for predictions, classifications or for pattern recognitions.   Task Students will use any data set of their choice and develop models using either supervised le …

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  • Posted on : July 29th, 2019
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Assignment Task: Task 1 Conduct independent research and compile a review report on the use of word embeddings in business and its possible ethical issues. Your report should include the following requirements in order: a) Describe two possi …

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  • Posted on : May 29th, 2019
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Assignment Task     Coursework Task Obtain some data from your work context that requires a forecast using trend projection or decomposition methods. Using an appropriate method from those taught in the module, generate a forecast …

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  • Posted on : May 10th, 2019
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Assignment Task:   Unit Learning Outcome (ULO) Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO)  ULO1: Apply quantitative reasoning skills to analyse business problems.  GLO1: Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities: appropriate to t …

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  • Posted on : May 04th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Unit Learning Outcomes covered in this assessment a. Demonstrate advanced and integrated understanding of business and data Intelligence for organisational decision-making. b. Analyse critically, reflect on and synthe …

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  • Posted on : April 19th, 2019
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Assignment Task   Part A: Case Study Analysis Instructions: Read the following two case studies. For each case study, briefly describe: a) The industry to which analytics has been applied b) A potential and meaningful business problem t …

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  • Posted on : April 16th, 2019
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Assignment Task   1. Identify an area of research that interests you and develop a research question on that area. 2. Identify what you intend to prove/disapprove by carrying out a statistical analysis and identify the appropriate data …

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  • Posted on : April 05th, 2019
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INF30030 - Predicting Employee Absenteeism Business Analytics Project Report Assessment Answer Assessment Task: Your task In this assignment, your task is to design a predictive model using clustering and/or classification to predict the lik …

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  • Posted on : October 29th, 2018
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