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Working in Indigenous Health: Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS1682

Essay Writing Assignment:


Part A: Population Profile

In this section you are required to provide a brief population profile of the area in which the health service is located.
This profile should include:
The location of the Health Service – town/suburb, state and Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Areas (RRMA) classification . See rrma-classification/
Identification of the local Traditional Custodians using an appropriate reference
Population statistics – how many Indigenous people live in the area and what proportion of the total population is the Indigenous population.
Apart from the Indigenous health service allocated to you, what other Indigenous- specific services are available for the local Indigenous community.
What mainstream (not Indigenous specific) health services are available in the area. These may include, but not limited to, hospitals, General Practitioners, mental health services etc)

Part B: The Indigenous Health Service
In this section you are required to discuss the concept of self-determination, provide an overview of the Indigenous Health Service allocated to you and choose one program to discuss in detail
1. Briefly discuss the importance of self-determination to Indigenous Australians using Indigenous health services as an example
2. Provide an overview of the Indigenous health service allocated to you including; The vision/aspirations/guiding principles of the organisation
A brief summary of the range of services and programs provided for the local community

3. Choose one program provided by the service and discuss in detail how it contributes to the health and wellbeing of the local Indigenous community

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