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WMGM102: Principles of Management- Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS1598

Essay Writing Assignment:

Essay Topic:

“With recent changes in the work environment in response to increasingly competitive demands for higher performance, and elevated organizational needs for their employees to cope with constant change in the external environment … employee empowerment has received noticeable attention in organizational research and practice” (Cheong, Spain, Yammarino & Yun, 2016)

Critically discuss worker empowerment by leaders and its outcome.

Essay structure:
The following questions must be answered:
1. What is worker empowerment?
2. What are the drivers of worker empowerment and why is it seen as valuable in today’s business world?
3. What is the role of leadership in influencing worker empowerment?
4. Identify and evaluate the positive and negative impacts of leadership empowerment.
5. Overall, are the outcomes of empowerment more desirable or undesirable? For whom? Justify your response.

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