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Be it through Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or some other form of social media, you probably share plenty of photos, videos, bookmarks or general happenings with your friends. However, this is all likely done for personal purposes only, bringing up the question as to whether or not Week 5’s topics of tags, shares and bookmarks or Week 6’s topic of online communities can be used for business.

Back in Week 3 and 4’s extended, individual project Assignment, you examined the prospect of enterprise social computing as it applies to an organisation you work/worked for. Specifically, you focused on the uses of blogging Web sites, wikis, podcasts and feeds in enterprise social computing. This Week, your Assignment is the final increment of the extended project split between Weeks 5 and 6. The combination of the Week 4 and 6 deliverables, as a single report, will be submitted as one of the Week 8 Discussions.

For this Assignment, you must analyse the topics of tags, shares, bookmarks and social communities as they apply to the same organisation you examined in the previous enterprise social computing Assignment. What do you use these mediums for within your organisation? How do you think they will be used in the future? What are their business applications? For Week 5, your focus should be on the use of tags, shares and bookmarks. In Week 6, you should reflect upon all of the tools you researched in Weeks 3–5 and consider how the enterprise uses these tools not for s-commerce but as a member of your internal enterprise community and local community.


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