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Victoria Health Needle and Syringe Program – Nursing Assignment

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Keeping in mind the program logic designed for “beyondblue” evaluation will focus on key questions. A series of supplementary questions will be made so as to provide more rationale and extract as much as information to help the evaluator not only to observe the results but also to explain the findings so as to focus on interventions which will lead to improved outcomes.

Evaluation Question 1: How much has “beyondblue” done for the society since it has been established?
Subsidiary questions:

  • To what extend is “beyondblue” reaching the intended target population?
  • What are the internal capabilities being invested in “beyondblue” initiatives?
  • What resources have been invested in “beyondblue” activities?
  • Are the program activities implemented as planned?

Rationale: This will basically help the evaluators to analyse the relevance between the needs, problems
in the Australian society and objectives of the intervention.

  • Evaluation Question 2: How well has “beyondblue” been implemented?
  • How satisfied are the participants of “beyondblue” about its design, approaches in effectively
    addressing their needs?
  • Did the resources invested in the activities deliver the outputs as planned?
  • To what extend has “beyondblue” achieved its intended outcomes in the short, medium and
    long terms?

Rationale: This will allow the evaluators to analyse the efficiency of the resources utilized and to
understand the implementation process and outcomes.

  • Evaluation Question 3: Has the behaviour and system changed?
  • Has the community’s perception and understanding of depression and anxiety changed?
  • To what extend has “beyondblue” been effective in changing behaviour of individual or

Rationale: This will help the evaluators to judge the effectiveness of the program, including whether it is been benefiting the society in an intended way.

  • Evaluation Question 4: Would Australian community be better off without “beyondblue”?
  • Were there any unanticipated outcomes, desirable or undesirable, as a result of “beyondblue”?
  • Has the impact of depression and anxiety been reduced in the community?

Rationale: These questions will evaluate the sustainability of “beyondblue” and in the case of cessation has it made an impact on the Australian society as intended to.

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