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Vibration analysis of 3D wind turbine using Piezoelectric Materials – Solidworks Assignment

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1. Problem formulation
The proposed work is about the controlling the vibrations occurring in the blades of the rotating wind turbine by applying a piezoelectric material and including control methods; direct velocity feedback and proportional control. The simulation of the whole system will be done in the FEM assisted tool named ANSYS. A three dimensional wind turbine model with three standard blade profiles will be prepared in CAD tool CREO 3/SOLIDWORKS. A patch will be made on one of the blades and the 3D model file will be imported into ANSYS. The piezoelectric material will be
PZT-5H [1] of which the properties will be assigned manually and then the wind turbine model will also be provided the material. The boundary conditions be provided, modal analysis will be performed to determine the natural frequencies of the wind turbine model at different speeds. Further with the implementation of the closed loop control procedure of direct velocity feedback will be done using ANSYS/MATLAB simulation. The responses for the wind turbine at different speeds will be shown in the form of graphs.

2. Objectives of the proposed work
1. Analytical study of the vibrations produced in the rotating wind turbines.
2. Study of the working of the piezoelectric sensors in controlling the vibrations in rotating system with the help of direct velocity feedback in relevance with the proposed work which deals with the vibration control of rotating wind turbine.
3. Preparation of the 3 dimensional model of wind turbine along with piezoelectric patch in CAD tool CREO/SOLIDWORKS and in FEM tool ANSYS, after assigning the materials to the wind turbine [16] and piezoelectric body [1], application of boundary conditions like rotational speed and forces on the wind turbine.

4. Determination of the natural frequencies and the displacements at respective frequencies through MODAL ANALYSIS in ANSYS and the implementation of the closed loop control procedure of Direct Velocity feedback in ANSYS to control the vibrations in the subject. Using Acoustic ACT and Piezo Extensions.

5. Determine the results of vibration control with the help of graphs.

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