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Project Management

Within the context of our postgraduate course of Operations and Project Management, we had to study a case exercise linked with quality operations management. This case describes the way that Wernie Eisen, General Manager, manages the top-of-the-market hotel Penang Mutiara. This hotel is presented as one of the most luxurious resorts in South East Asia region and has to provide an excellent level of service quality to the customers. Wernie explains in that case how the operation function is organised to satisfy guests’ needs, but also to go beyond their expectations. Our work was not only to review the current operational performance of Penang Mutiara but also to study how it can gain a competitive advantage and improve its performance level with a long term strategy. We developed our report by answering the questions in order to study in details the operation management of this case. We also used what we have seen in class and many references to get a complete view of the subject. You can find those references’ list at the end of our report. Thank you for your consideration. Describe how you think Wernie will Firstly, it is important to remind that Wernie is managing a top-of-the-market hotel. That means it competes in a very specific market: the luxury one. This sector is well developed, with a lot of competitors all around the world. In order to compete in this market, he must be able to provide a certain level of service. As a manager, his first priority is to consolidate his operations management. The operations must be running as they should, meaning that there should not be any problem in the daily tasks at the hotel. As Harrison (1996) presents the key roles of the operations manager, Wernie should be able to design the workplace and physical work context (process design), plan the organization’s future (work planning) and ensure that the operational plan is followed by everyone (implementation). Of course, those three activities must not be divided in three strategies, but only one, strongly and clearly supported. Transposed in the Penang Mutiara’s context, those tasks could be to:  
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