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University of South Australia 5399

Part 1, Written Hazard Report (1500 words)
Word length: 1500 words in length and structured with meaningful headings (hint see specific requirements below) to ensure it is easy to understand.

Your report should draw on at least 8 references which may include case law, legislation, text books, journal articles and government websites.

Specific report requirements:
Identify, describe and assess the hazards in the case study
Identify at least three significant hazards or issues that need to be addressed which currently pose a risk to worker health and safety in the case study workplace. Explain how these hazards arise. Assess the risk (3 only) using a suitable assessment tool (which should be included in an Appendix to the report).
Make recommendations for control and management of hazards Make recommendations based on the ‘hierarchy of control’ and ‘as low as reasonably practical’ for the three most significant hazards and/or other issues that should be addressed. Document these three in a risk register.
Outline the Legal implications Briefly identify and outline the relevant legislation (Act, Regulations and Codes) that applies to the (three) hazards and/or issues you identified.
Written report presentation The report should be presented as a professional document designed to be received by a senior management representative in the organisation. It should include: a title page, table of contents, brief summary of findings (executive summary), body of report (including suitable headings), conclusions and appendices where relevant.

Appendices necessary to support the report findings will not be included in the word count, although material in the appendices should be minimised as it detracts from overall presentation. Word limit commences from and includes the executive summary but does not include the references, risk assessment tables or appendices.


Part 2,

Student Presentation Topics
Go to to view codes of practice
Go to to view guides

Maximum 10 power point slides including references
10 minutes maximum – please upload all slides by due date
Accuracy of content, referencing (around 3 references expected eg from the Act, Code or Guide)

overall presentation and “interest” – context set, relevant, engaging ( JUST WRITE THE TEXT THEN I”LL RECORD IT ON EACH PAGE OF PPT) equivalent to 900 words as above mentioned.

Choose a topic from the following- :

Prepare a powerpoint presentation to introduce this code/guide to the class

Max 10 slides

Codes of Practice (remember this is law)
Managing Risks of Hazardous chemicals
Hazardous Manual Tasks
Managing Noise and Prevention Hearing Loss at work
First Aid in the workplace

(remember these are just “guides”)

Guide for preventing and responding to workplace bullying

Guide for Workplace traffic management

Guide to Workplace vibration guidance material

Guide to exposure to solar uv radiation

Guide to cash-in-transit

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