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The Transition Between Student and Practitioner – Nursing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS7041

Nursing Assignment

For the newly graduated Registered Nurse, the transition between student and practitioner can be a challenging experience. For example, working with a range of health professionals from a variety of teams, learning to communicate effectively as well as managing your time
in delivering safe patient care are just some of the challenges that new graduate Registered Nurses will face. The following assessment asks you to think about your role as a new graduate Registered Nurse in leading a quality improvement initiative in your workplace.


You are a newly graduated Registered Nurse with 6 months registration experience working on a medical ward as part of your rotation in the Transition to Practice Program (TPP) at Sturt Health Service. Your Nurse Unit Manager has asked you to lead a small team on a quality improvement initiative as Sturt Health Service is going for accreditation at the end of the year.


1) Identifies one contemporary initiative that interests you and explains why this is important to improve patient safety

2) Provides a synthesised, succinct and critical explanation of the role of leading teams.

3) Identifies more than 3 challenges that you (Registered Nurse) may experiences when leading teams which may affect group dynamics within the workplace

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