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Text And Communication : Blog – Management Assignment

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Management Assignment

Blog Writing

The portfolio task requires you to complete an analysis on a specific text of your choosing in around 200 words. Specifically how does your chosen text represent your chosen theme? You will type your response and submit it
via the Turnitin link in the Assessments folder. For each submission you will choose one text from the following
genres, and apply it to the week’s theme. You will also be presenting your thoughts in class prior to the
submission, while this is not assessable it will provide you with valuable feedback that will assist you with your

Choose one text from a genre each week. You cannot use the same genre twice

  •  Song/Poetry
  • News article
  •  Short story/Novel
  •  Film/Play
  •  Image

Complete a 200 word reflection on how it represents the following themes

  • Week 2 – Morality
  • Week 4 – Love
  •  Week 6 – Racism
  •  Week 8 – Women
  •  Week 10 – Death

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