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Task: he assignment’s overall objective is that the students should acquire an overview of principles, methods and techniques of systems development, and gather experience from a development project in which a specific development method is used. On successful completion of this assignment students should be able to:
  1. Apply contemporary information systems analysis and design methods and techniques to real-world case studies.
  2. Apply systems analysis and design concepts, modelling and project management techniques to real-world case studies.
  3. Demonstrate an appreciation of sound computer interface principles.
  4. Effectively communicate ideas using tools and techniques of systems analysis and design
  • TASK 1: Time Management Plan
Your project is underway and you need to update your project plan.  Create a baseline of your project.  You have successfully completed some of your activities.  There are a few activities which are behind schedule.  Review the progress of your project by comparing the baseline to the actual progress. Explain how you could potentially get back on schedule.
  • TASK 2: “TO BE” Process
Develop a “TO BE” process diagram by using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) or Unified Modelling Language (UML). The “TO BE” diagram should show the improvement of the process flow of your chosen organisation.
  • TASK 3: Comparing “AS IS” and “TO BE” Process
Compare the “AS IS” process diagram that you provided in the assignment 1, and “TO BE” process diagram to assess the impact of change and prepare a briefing note for the organisational change management team regarding the anticipated impact of the system. You should make recommendations to the team on how these impacts can be managed.
  • TASK 4: Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Draw an ERD for your chosen organisation including the types of relationships between the entities.
  • TASK 5: Data Normalization
Create fully normalized 3NF table designs for your chosen organisation system. You need to mention all the entities that you identified in Task 4.
  • TASK 6: Testing
What types of testing should be performed? What types of test data should be used? The testing in relation to the new Information Systems developed to automate the organisation process? Please clarify this.
  • TASK 7: Training
Identify the specific groups of people who need training on the new system. For each group, describe the type of training you would recommend and list the topics you would cover.
  • TASK 8: System Changeover
Develop a plan for system changeover for your chosen organisation. Discuss the method that should be used for systems changeover to enable “TO BE” process in the organisation.
  • TASK 9: Report to Top Management
Assume you have completed the design and implementation phases of your project for your chosen organisation. Write a report to the top management (CEO). This report at a minimum should include the objectives, processes undertaken, scope, and recommendations to the top management (CEO).
  • TASK 10: Presentation/Report Structure
This task includes providing a cover page (title page) for your report and writing up your report details with clarity and professionalism.
  • TASK 11: References
All documents cited in your assignment must be listed in a single alphabetical list at the end of the assignment. The following USQ Library Resources to assist you with referencing correctly using the  Harvard  Referencing  System: 




Endnote Bibliography Software for managing referencing is available to you for free as a USQ Student: 


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