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System Thinking for Managers : Project Management – Management Assignment

Internal Code : MAS456

Project Management Assignment

Questions :

Apply one or more of the systems methodologies discussed at the block workshop to the analysis of a problem at your workplace (or a workplace you are familiar with), in a project management or an organizational context, and present a way forward to improve the situation. The methodologies used at the workshop are System Dynamics Models, Soft Systems Methodology and Viable Systems Model.

• Provide a brief description of the system/ problem under investigation and the context

• Describe and analyze the system or problem under investigation, unpacking the dynamics involved, exploring how events are linked and the emergent meanings or themes using diagrams where appropriate (max 1000 words)

• Explain what insights and/or solutions the methodology (ies) provide(s). You may like to ask questions such as – Does the system have a viable continuing role? Is the system capable of adapting to changes? Is the system working as it was intended providing the expected benefits to its stakeholders?

• Evaluate the potential of the methodology (ies) used in your work as a project manager or a manager in an organization. (max 500 words) – 15 marks

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