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SWOT Analysis and Recommendations – Report Writing

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Report Writing

This assignment is designed to extend your knowledge of your organization and the key areas of public relations such as:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Organisational Communication;
  • Internal Communication/Employee Relations;
  • Intercultural and/or Multicultural communication (either Internal or External).

It will also help you prepare for A3 and your corporate video. Through studying your chosen organisation (and other case studies and examples that you may uncover along the way) you should build knowledge and understanding of the various ways PR can be used in these key areas.

Do some research and conduct a SWOT analysis for each of the following points about your organization:
1. The use of corporate video on their website or YouTube channel or in some other form of communication such as a newsletter or their annual report (if not on their website/YouTube).

2. How your organization manages a particular challenge in relation to CSR, Organisational Communication, Intercultural/Multicultural Communication or Internal Communications.

The challenge may be in relation to a particular CSR initiative, or the change of a CEO (internal communication) or changes in organizational culture (perhaps due to change of office location) or communicating to internal/external publics who are diverse (Intercultural/Multicultural communication).

3. How your organization manages CSR, Organisational Communication, Intercultural/Multicultural Communication or Internal Communication/Employee Relations in relation to a specific target public. Student to choose the target public.

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