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As the supervisor of Academia Bar – Hospitality

Internal Code: MAS6998

Hospitality Assignment

As the supervisor of Academia Bar, it is your job to draw up the staff rosters.Including yourself you have seven staff, John and yourself being permanent the rest casual.The permanents each have two days a week off, ant the casuals work as required.Because of your CBD location, it is always busy during the day (12-3 pm) and on a Thursday (8 pm-12 am) and Friday night (11 pm-2 am).Your gross pay is $950.00 per week for John getting $750.00.

Causal is paid:

$19.50 per hour Monday to Friday

$23.00 per hour Saturday

$24.50 per hour Sundays

As the workplace is under an enterprise agreement there are no anti-social payments to be made.In order to work out, your labor cost assumes 37% of costs for permanents and 20% for casuals.

The bar is opened from 10 am to 9 pm Monday to Wednesday10 am to 12 am  Thursday10 am to 2 am Friday10 am to 10 am Saturday and 12 pm to 9 pm Sunday. The bar revenue is approximately $14,000.00 per week.

It is your job to write a roster that will allow for a 25% labor cost based on the above information. Keep in mind that John does not work on Saturday due to personal commitment and that you are on compassionate leave on Sunday. The bar requires that John or you are on for the closing and during a busy time, if not possible higher rate (20% extra) must be paid to the casual staff in charge.



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