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Sunshine Coast Council Rainfall Station at Judds Rd – Environmental Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5534

Environmental Assignment: 

The Judds Rd rainfall station is at the head of Coochin Creek. This creek drains into the Pumicestone Passage, and is part of the Pumicestone Catchment (Figure 1). In this assignment, Intensity Frequency Duration (IFD) curves and a design storm are to be developed for the location of the Judds Rd rainfall station

The Task

You have been tasked with producing the IFD curves for all durations and a reasonable range of Annual Exceedance Probabilities (AEP) and a single design storm for the Judds Rd rainfall station using the 2016 IFD data and ARR 2016 methods. The SCC has provided the five-minute rainfall values for the Judds Rd rainfall station from the 28/4/2015 8:00PM through to 1/5/2015 7:55AM. As an additional series on both the IFD plots, you are required to plot the peak rainfall amount from these data for the same durations used for the IFD curves. You can use Excel or R, or a combination of both. Please submit all the files you used, as well as the report, which can be ‘knitted’ in RStudio, or written in Word.


1. Determine the location of the Judds Rd rainfall station.

2. Enter the Judds Rd rainfall station location data into the Bureau of Meteorology’s Rainfall IFD Data System.

3. Extract the tables of IFD data for these coordinates for the 2016 IFD data.

4. Import these data into either Excel or R.

5. Create the plot of the IFD data for each AEP.

6. Add a series to the plots created in step 5 which shows the peak rainfall amount for the same durations fo the Judds Rd rainfall event (Apr-May 2015).

7. Import the appropriate temporal pattern and Areal Reduction Factor data from the ARR online data hub.

8. Create the 72 hour design storm using the appropriate temporal pattern and Areal Reduction Factor and IFD data for an AEP of 1 in 100 years.

9. Plot this design storm.

10. Write a report, discussing the theory behind the design storm, and your understanding of each of the above steps.



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