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Write a research proposal addressing the following

a. A research problem statement and objectives

b. Create Management questions (or Research questions or investigative questions) aimed to resolve or provide information aligned with the three objectives

c. Propose Research Design

d. State the sources of secondary data you would access to begin this research; why?

e. State the method of primary research method you would use; why?

f. Provide suggestions about how the information gained will be used to address the problem

g. Once completed, how will this information be presented to the management team?

Marketing Major : 

CASE PROBLEM: TCS Management Group Special Event.

TCS Management Group markets Tele Center System, software used to forecast staffing needs for reservation centers, order centers, or customer service centers. Using Tele Center System allows companies to have the correct number of people on duty at any given hour of the day or night, thereby optimizing the delivery of good service while holding costs as low as possible. TCS has an impressive list of customers, including MasterCard, Qantas Airways, BHP, CityRail, and CBA.

TCS is planning major upgrades to the software systems but were unsure of how the end users would feel about it. TCS planned a special two-day educational event, Users Forum, for its 3000-plus customers, at the Marriott Hotel Sunshine Coast 2 months from today. The forum would offer speakers, workshops, and presentations about the potential upgrades. TCS was unsure how many Tele Center System users were currently satisfied with their products and would attend the User Forum.

While TCS had previously done most of its own research, given the time frame for the user forum, it turned to SW Marketing, who promised to deliver the required results within 21 days.

Three objectives were set for the research:

  • Measure the level of user satisfaction (with the company and its software generally, as well as regarding specific software features and issues).
  • Update the TCS software users’ database (for subsequent use in mailing quarterly newsletters,special, announcements, and software updates).
  • Determine the likelihood of Users Forum attendance.

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