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 St Cuthbert Healthcare - Major Activities and Techniques - IT Computer Science Assignment Help

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Assignment Task :

Learning outcomes 

Completing this assignment will primarily develop professional knowledge in IT benefit management and value realisation and information literacy.  

  • Explain the major activities and techniques involved in IT/IS value management.  

  • Define the role of governance in IT/IS value management 

  • Construct a business case to support an investment in IT/IS.  

  • Assess the impacts of IT implementation on diverse stakeholders, including from an ethical or social perspective.  


 St Cuthbert’s Healthcare  

The information on St Cuthbert’s Healthcare provides the basis for your data collection and business case assignment. These assignments require you to investigate the application of information technology and systems in small private hospitals and present a business case for an IT solution that can be adopted by the hospital.  

You are required to research the private hospital environment, hospital systems and technology developments, identify an IT solution that could be adopted by St Cuthbert’s Healthcare, and produce a business case report to management with the title: The Business Case for Investing in [insert the name of the IT solution here] at St Cuthbert’s Healthcare.  

To understand the issues associated with the hospital and medical fields you should not only rely on the information provided in the case study but also conduct your own research. You should identify the issues that have relevance to a business case and produce a written report from the information available. 

Healthcare is very topical and the use of IT in hospitals and connectivity with medical records is a growth area. There is a wealth of information available through the ECU e-library. McKinsey and Gartner for example produce reports and insights into this area. There are some materials provided in the assessment folder to get you started. 

You must also consider the ethical and social implications of the implementation of these systems.  The assignment will be completed in two parts:  


Part 1: Data collection 

You are required to collect data in respect of private hospitals within Australia. Firstly, obtain an understanding of how private hospitals operate: the business context and the key processes. Research IT systems in private hospitals and select an IT solution that could be implemented at St Cuthbert’s. Identify a vendor of the IT solution and establish the solutions the IT vendor provide: functionality of systems, IT architecture, risk and security, costs and benefits, implementation strategy, vendor background information.  

It may help you to structure your data collection like this:  

The requirements for a private hospital  

  • What is the business context of St Cuthbert’s Healthcare:  
  • what is the nature of the business market,  
  • what challenges do they face,  
  • what constraints are they under,  
  • what special regulatory, social and ethical circumstances do they operate in?  
  • What are areas of breakdown or problems in the practice?  

  • What processes and services do they perform?  

  • Who are the key stakeholders, their needs and requirements?  


IT solution – vendor and solution 

  • Who is a Vendor offering IT/software solutions?  

  • What is their background?  

  • What functions do they offer?  

  • What is their architecture?  

  • What equipment do you need?  

  • What risks are there in implementation?  

  • What are the costs and benefits of the solutions?  

  • How will you proceed with the implementation project (roles and responsibilities?)  


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