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SS2: Science and Engineering- Kalpan International Colleges- Lab Report Writing Assignment

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Lab Report Writing Assignment:

This task requires you to write a lab report based on an in-class experiment. What you will be assessed on: 1. Can you write a clear, detailed extended report, which integrates graphical and textual sources. 2. Can you write a lab report with standard scientific writing style, layout, paragraphing, headings and numbering systems. 3. Can you summarise, report and comment on accumulated factual information, and present this in a well structured way, including abstract, processes and procedures, results and findings. 4. Can you present diagrams, graphs, tables and equations accurately to clearly present findings. 5. Can you locate and use scientific theory and summarise this information from sources. 6. Can you use accurate in-text citations and prepare a list of references in a bibliography using a consistent, standardized Harvard referencing system. General Guidelines: 1. You should use the lab manual you wrote during the experiment to help you write the lab report. 2. You are expected to research the theory behind the experiment and use at least one source in addition to the lab manual. 3. You can use the lab manual to write the report, but you should not copy directly from it. If you use the lab manual, you do not need to reference it. A. You should include a diagram for the method. B. You should produce graphics electronically. Collusion: Please be reminded that this must be written by you. If the level and sophistication of your language is considerably higher than other pieces of written work you have produced, it will be assumed that you were given unfair assistance and you will either be penalised for plagiarism or receive no credit for clarity of expression. Please note that the following examples of collusion are considered as academic misconduct and,in the absence of hard evidence, you may be asked to attend a meeting to discuss your understanding of the work. If you do not attend such a meeting, tutors may use academic judgement to determine whether or not an offence has taken place. Examples include a situation where a student: a. intentionally submits as entirely his or her own work, an essay or report written by another person. b. permits another candidate to copy all or part of their own work, knowing it is to be submitted as that other candidate's own work; c. allows another person to re-write large sections of the students? work.
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