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SRM750: Initiating the Project-Project Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS435

Project Writing Assignment:

Question(Fees, Terms, Conditions):
1.Provide a summary of your initial findings in relation to the Brief and possible Services (in point form).
2.Included in this part of the submission should be your block plan / diagram (2D or 3D) of the chosen
project, as a graphic / calculated analysis of the site and brief.
3.This analysis should note the amount of constructed floor / landscape area required in the brief and
how this relates to any zoning requirements, site coverage, setback limits, height limits or other conditions stipulated by the relevant Planning Scheme and the budget.
4.Note especially important aspects that would require further investigation or negotiation with the
client/construction manager before an agreement is made for the project.Provide this summary in a professional manner as a record of the discussion

Question(Ethical Positions):
Provide a written summary of the following:
1. Your professional/ethical considerations of the site (from both designer and client points of view). Provide this summary in a professional manner as a record of the discussion and your considered

Question(Fee/Services Proposal/Engagement Letter):
1.This letter will form the basis for your fees/services agreement (i.e. the contract for professional services).
2.Write this letter as if it were from an Architect / Landscape Architect / related Built Environment
Professional firm to a Client (who may be the Owner of the site or the Construction Manager for the
3.Consider both the practical and ethical aspects of the proposed agreement.As this letter also will form the basis of a contract between the two parties there should be provision in the letter for signing by both parties.

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