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Spoken/Signed Dramatic Monologue – Dramatic Performance – English Assignment Help

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Dramatic Performance – English Assignment Help


You are to assume the identity of a secondary character from the play, Hamlet, and present a dramatic monologue, in modern English, as your audition piece.  Your character should reflect upon and further develop subject matter in the play from his/her perspective You must show a clear understanding of events in the play preceding the monologue and the relationships between characters. Costume and relevant props must be used.

You may choose one of the following characters (but NOT Hamlet):

  • Ophelia, after her father has instructed her to break off her relationship with Hamlet.
  • Horatio, after the performance of the play.
  • Gertrude, after the conversation with Hamlet following the play.
  • Laertes, after hearing of Ophelia’s death.
  • Own choice with teacher approval.___________

Role (Who are you?): _________________

Position: ______________

Personality: _________________

Purpose: _____________________


At what point in the play are you speaking? What has happened to trigger the monologue?

How are you feeling at the time?



How do you feel towards major characters in the play whose actions have impacted on your present situation? What qualities do they have that you admire/despise? What motivates you to like/dislike or support/undermine this character?



Outline at least two situations/events that you have witnessed and/or heard about and explain how they have informed your point of view about the character



What conclusions have you drawn as a result of your reflection? What will you do next?


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