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Assignment Task-

The task consists of 22 questions. 

1. Wandering is a common behavior of people with dementia.
a. Why is wandering a problem in an aged care residence?
b.What are two physical supports that could be put in place to assist people who are wandering?
c.What are two social supports that could be put in place to assist people who tend to wander?
d.Why is it important to look at the emotional issues that may be causing wandering?    

2. Explain in your own words what is meant by the ‘social model of devaluation’.
As a personal care worker, what are two simple things you can do to help clients with dementia feel valued?
Chen is 95 years old. He migrated from China many years ago but has lived largely in the Chinese community.  
Chen has dementia and is unable to remember any English words. Chen is now in residential care as he is unable to look after himself.
Chen has two daughters and a son who comes to see him frequently. They feel guilty that they cannot look after Chen at home but they each have jobs and do not feel able to look after him.
There is one Chinese worker (Mei) who speaks Mandarin – Chen’s first language.
3. How do you think Mei’s involvement in Chen’s care team will benefit Chen?
4. List three types of information that Chen’s family could provide to help staff understand Chen’s individual preferences and practices.
You are a member of Chen’s care team. You do not speak Chinese. You find out from the family that Chen liked playing Mahjong, but he no longer remembers how to play. 
They bring a mahjong set in for him and you notice he likes to play with the pieces and look at the symbols. He rubs the pieces between his fingers and sets them out in front of him on his table.
5. Why do you think Chen gets pleasure from the mah-jong set, even though he can no longer remember how to play?
6. Mei isn’t always on shift. List two things you could do to interact with Chen using the mah-jong game as a resource.
7. Describe two ways in which you can communicate with Chen when there is no one available who speaks Chinese.
8. Respect is a very important thing in Chinese culture. Lists two ways in which you could demonstrate respect for your respect for Chen.
Mei is brought in to talk to Chen. Apparently he is very distressed as he thinks his children should be looking after him.  He thinks they have deserted him for good – he has forgotten they visited yesterday and will be coming again tomorrow to see him.
9. What support can Mei give to Chen?
Chen’s family is very distressed that he was so upset and thought that they had deserted him. They would never do that and feel very guilty that they have put him into care.  
They have asked that, should he get distressed again, the facility should ring them and one of them will come straight over.
They ask about how dementia is likely to progress and what will happen to their father.
10. What action should be taken so everyone knows to call the family if Chen gets distressed?
11. What support can you give to Chen’s family to help them deal with their guilt?
12.List two places where Chen’s family could find information about dementia and how it is likely to progress.
Francesca is 43 years old. She has young onset dementia caused by a lifetime of alcohol and drug abuse.  Francesca lives at home with her sister and care workers visit once a week to check how Francesca is.  
Today her sister tells the carer that she is worried about Francesca. She has a new boyfriend who is known to be a heavy drug user. He comes round often and hangs around with Francesca. Francesca is happy to have the attention and has started dressing very promiscuously.  
There is money disappearing from Francesca’s bank account. When Francesca’s sister asks her about it, she can’t remember where the money has gone. She suspects that the boyfriend is conning it out of her so he can support his drug habit. 
She is also afraid that he is giving her drugs as she often seems very spaced out after he has been to visit. She suspects they may be date rape drugs. She understands that Francesca is entitled to her own personal life, but is very concerned about what is happening.
13.List two types of abuse that may be occurring here.
14. What actions must the worker take to report the suspected abuse?
15.List three reasons why validation therapy is not recommended in this case scenario? 
Maud wants to walk down into town for a coffee-like she always used to.  Maud has the early stages of dementia and has a reputation for getting lost.
16.    What action could you take to make sure Maud is safe, balancing with her wish to be independent and be able to take risks?
17.    In the following table, suggest two appropriate care approaches that may be used to assist with each type of challenging a.behavior.
b.check cares in this behavior list,
c.Repetitive behavior.    
g.Uninhibited sexual behavior h.Wanting to go home    
Caring for people with dementia can be very frustrating and stressful. Select two signs that you notice when you are becoming stressed.
What would you do if you found your stress levels were interfering with the way you work?    
19. How could you adjust the following sentences so they are more positive?
The first has been completed for you as an example.
demantia 20.Complete the following table
Disease    Cause-Specific Symptoms    Interesting facts or latest research
Alzheimer’s Disease    
Lewy Bodies    
Korsakoff Syndrome    
21. Complete the following behavior care plan on either of the two case studies from task 2. 
a. Name of carer:      
b.Name of client:      
d.Nature of behavior of concern:
e.Possible reasons or triggers for behavior:
f.Behavior management strategy 1 (please describe the strategy in detail):
g.Behavior management strategy 2 (please describe the strategy in detail):
h.How will strategy 1 be implemented?
i. How will strategy 2 be implemented?
j.How will strategy 1 be reviewed?
k.How will strategy 2 be reviewed?
22. The following table suggests two appropriate care approaches when providing personal care assistance to maximize independence for a person with dementia.
The student provides two approaches for each area.
Personal care activities    Care approaches to maximize independence
a. Eating b.Bathing     
c.Oral cared. Dressing

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