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Social media Online Strategy Design: Marketing Assignment

Internal code-MAS535

Marketing Assignment


Imagine you work for a digital strategy service provider and have been tasked with developing an online social media strategy. You are to focus on online engagement strategies and ROI measurements. You are required to develop an online social media strategy for an existing:
• Organisation (AIS, Dept. of Human Services)
• Product (e.g. new sports drink)
• Event (e.g. T20 Cricket)
• Brand (e.g. Nike)
• Promotional activity (e.g. Women in Sport)
• Mobile-based apps (e.g. Bleacher reports, YinzCam, run that town, FeeHelp)
• Social games (e.g. FIFA Superstars)
• YouTube channel (e.g. NBA, ImmiTV) or
• SM based tool (e.g. Digital Cheer Sqaud, Sentiment analysis).
Once you have chosen an implementation domain from above choices, your job is to develop a strategy for your chosen case. How would you position the company/brand/event? What social media tools would you use? Justify your channel choice. Who are your online competitors? You need to include ways to measure the ROI of these tactics. Also include how you would evaluate outcomes.

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