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SEE321 – Electro-Mechanical Systems – Deakin University

SEE321- Electro-Mechanical Systems: You have been selected as consultant for studying the feasibility of automation of an engineering process(sensor technology)by a client.- DEAKIN UNIVERSITY

Assignment Task I 

Select any engineering process of your choice and produce a feasibility report covering following points: 1. Present simplified control loop of selected process. (10 Marks) 2. Describe principle of suitable sensor technology for that particular application. (15 Marks) 3. Support your selection of sensor technology with a critical review of its specifications. You are required to present reason for selecting that technology and its comparison with any other suitable sensor technology. Ultimate aim of this technical report is to satisfy the client with your selection of sensor technology.


Assignment Task II

Write answers to brainstorming questions provided in first 4 lectures in not more than 3 sentences.

 Important Points ·  

  •  Proper referencing is required. Marks will be deducted if it is omitted, not suitably formatted, or lacking more than at least six relevant citations. Use the IEEE referencing style. Refer to Deakin’s Guide to Assignment Writing and Referencing, available online from Student Life, for assistance on appropriate report styles and referencing.·
  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • The Assignment is to be submitted ONLY via CloudDeakin by the due date.
  • Late submissions without supporting documentary evidence (i.e. medical certificates)will incur penalties.


Aim of Assignment 

This task aims to help you in achieving following learning outcomes

1. GLO2 – Communication: using written technical communication to inform, motivate and effect change

2. GLO4-Critical thinking: evaluating information using critical and analytical thinking and judgment

3. GLO5 – Problem solving: creating solutions to authentic (real world and ill-defined)problems

4. GLO6-Self-management: working and learning independently, and takingresponsibility for personal actions

5. GLO 6 – To complete the assignment task on time students will have to be able to manage their time and be able to effectively work independently

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