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SED302: CAE Bridge Design Optimisation-Project Report Assignment

Internal Code: MAS511

Project Report Assignment:


You must submit a comprehensive, yet concise CAE technical report.The aim of the report is to clearly convey the Engineering approach which your team took to arrive at your final design.

You should consider including:
1.a detailed CAE model and description of how you arrived at your design (from concept sketches);
2.Each team member must document their design(s) and the FEA results and clearly indicate each person’s designs – this is an individually assessed component;
3.The design optimisation process;
4. the experimental results from the practical class and how you have performed/improved your FEA prediction.

Additionally, the clarity in the report should convince the assessors that you have done a thorough
job and that your analysis is accurate. Refer to the marking rubric for the marking criteria of the CAE report.

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