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SCLG2602: Social Inquiry- Qualatitive Methods- Sociology & Social Policy Assignment Help

Internal Code: 1HJDB

Sociology and Social Policy Assignment Help:


This unit of study introduces students to a range of qualitative research methods in common usage throughout the social sciences. The unit has both analytical and practical components. With regard to the former, students are introduced to the methodological issues in contemporary sociology and their impact on the research process. An emphasis will be placed on developing a critical ability to read sociological research, with an eye to understanding its methodological adequacy, the political and ethical issues that arise whilst conducting research, and debates over interpretation and the production of knowledge. With regard to the latter component, students will undertake practical exercises in order to learn to appreciate and use a selection of research approaches, methods and techniques.

All students are required to submit an authorised statement of compliance with all work submitted to the University for assessment, presentation or publication. A statement of compliance certifies that no part of the work constitutes a breach of the Academic Honesty in Coursework Policy 2016 .

The format of the compliance statement will be in the form of:

  1. a University assignment cover sheet; or
  2. a University electronic form.

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