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Task: Introduction Students need to conduct their project work in their units of study to develop their competencies and contribute to the development of best practices applicable to Business law and Due Diligence. It is planned to use real life organizations as the site of learning for this unit of study. Assignment 1 – Literature review Assignment one is a literature review. In that, it has to focus on the relevant business law areas which can be used a standard when you later evaluate the business law practices of the chosen business organization. This part of the group project will help you understand the relevant legal requirement or law standards. For example – if the chosen business organization is Hollywood, the most relevant legal areas may include intellectual property laws such as copyright, contract law for licences, and so forth. Thus, for the business organization chosen as an example, assignment 1, the literature review should focus on intellectual property rights in general and specifically copyright laws, contract laws (such as what must be included for a licences agreement). Thus, depending on the case organization you choose the relevant laws varies, and you may need to include different types of laws. The purpose of the literature review part is to enable you to identify the relevant laws for the business organization, and to enable you understand the legal issues in the court decided cases which you will analyse under assignment 2. Furthermore, Assignment one of the group research has to include the background of the case organization such as history on the formation of the business such as when it started, where it started, how it started, and the structure of the business in how many locations the business is operating now, its capital, number of employees, types of products which the business is producing and so forth. Assignment 2 – Research Methodology and Application of the law to legal issues of the case organization Assignment two of the group project has to include the methodology used to gather the cases and the relevant information about the business organization. Then, based on the cases, the group research should show all the legal issues which the business has faced or legal issues which the business is currently facing. These legal issues can be any legal issues, but preferable the issues should reflect the topics being covered in the Unit. The law areas such as tort law, contract law, and company law consumer protection law, intellectual property, business crimes, business ethics. The group should show all the legal issues of the business. However, as there may be many legal issues in some organizations, the group can select some legal issues or cases to further study and analyse the legal issues in light with the standards and requirements discussed under the literature part ( assignment one) 1. Choose a Case Organization - to be successful in the conduct of this assignment you need to identify a suitable case project/organization (from any industry sector). 2. Introduction to the case organization – and explain the relevant business law area to the case organizations. Explain why you choose those laws or how the laws are relevant. 3. Current business law and due diligence practice - By Using the selected best practice model developed in assignment 1 (conceptual model) as the basis to review the current business law and due diligence management practices in the case organization. In reviewing the business law and due diligence practice – include the following points A. How the laws are relevant for the case organization B. How the case organization manage the relevant business law C. Discussion on court cases that shows issues in relation with the business law and due diligence practice. In the discussion, focus on identifying the parties to the case, facts of the case, issues, application of the law, analysis of the law, and final decision. 4. Conclusion Assignment 3 – Business Law and Due Diligence Plan for the Case Organization Based on the analysis under Assignment two, Assignment three has to identify the gap between the requirements of the law (as per the research under assignment 1) and how the law is applied in the business organization (as per the research under assignment 2). Once the gaps are identified, assignment three has to develop a plan for the business organization so that the business organization will do its business in accordance with the requirements of the law in the future. In that the recommendation will help the company to avoid future similar legal issues or legal challenges, and hence, improves its business law and due diligence practices. For each assignment, proper citation and bibliography must be included.
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