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Sales Management Assignment Questions

Task 1 scenario:

“Your running a cafe but your out of town and you need to send an email to your supervisor regarding of your goals and sales. What would be your goals? As a cafe coordinator you can see that the sales if up and all the baristas are doing the right thing. You have a new weighing scale, thermometer and a brush in the cafe. You just held a meeting regarding the last meeting you have with your supervisor.”

• Make sure you have a good copy of email.
* Your goals to maintain your sales.
* Additional goals.
* Report of your sales.
* Apologise because your not in the visiting day of your supervisor. (as you not know and you booked a leave earlier before you know about the visit)
* Include all the new equipment in the cafe.
* Tell to the email that you told about the visit to all the baristas and you asked them to prepare.

Task 2 Written task:

During your completion, you have to identify your ability to:
• Follow all workplace safety procedures
• Develop, implement and track a sales building program
• Analyse and achieve sales target
• Coordinate interactions with customers
• Build relationship with customers

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