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RSK80006: Risk Management- Swinburne University- Project Life Cycle- Research Paper Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HAIE

Research Paper Writing Assignment:


Loosemore et al 2006 (p6) suggested that “it is now more important than ever to think about sharing design information during the planning, construction and operational phases of a facility’s life”. However,  Haimes 2009 (p643) suggests that “Project Life Cycle” is often neglected when considering the management of risks.


Based on your studies, the readings in this Unit and your research of the literature, prepare a paper (1000 words approx) to describe what is meant by Project Life Cycle and discuss its implications on the effective management of risk.


You are involved in the design project for a new hybrid passenger vehicle. Consider what risks are likely to be present across the life cycle of the vehicle and develop a plan which describes:

  • How you envisage those risks would be managed/controlled, and
  • The possible implications of those risk controls for the design team

[ Module 3 comprises the following two book chapters:

Loosemore M., Raftery J., Reilly C. & Higgon D. 2006, Risk Management in Projects, Chapter 1 Risk and Uncertainty in Projects, Taylor and Francis

Zou P. & Sunindijo R. 2015, Strategic Safety Management in Construction and Engineering, Chapter 6 Safety in Design, Risk Management and BIM, John Wiley & Sons

These two readings provide all the supporting information students will need to successfully complete Assignment

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