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The Rise of Online Video: Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS500

Essay Writing Assignment:


For organisations, online video has become an increasingly popular way of communicating with customers, employees, and a range of other stakeholders in the digital age. Companies of all sizes have seized on the opportunities to present themselves on YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Snapchat, and a host of other video platforms in attempts to reach and engage audiences across the globe. In this essay, your task is to review the development of online video as a new means of organisational communication, and provide a reasoned position on how online video will develop, be used, and change within the next ten years.To do this effectively, you will be required to collect relevant and factual information about how online video has developed technologically and historically, why it may be an effective way of transmitting messages to people,provide examples of effective online video usage by organisations , evaluate expert commentary on online video from the industry, and identify new merging trends in organisational communication in general, and digital communication in particular. This assignment takes the form of an essay, and is assessed in accordance with the assessment criteria provided in the unit outline. To succeed in this task, you will need to demonstrate an ability to locate relevant information (using appropriate data gathering techniques), structure your essay according to academic convention (which requires careful attention to referencing), and produce an argument using appropriate reasoning techniques.

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