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Topic: How do we recruit to achieve the skills and capabilities we need to drive innovation?


The Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA), on behalf of Australia’s Chief Scientist, published a
report entitled “Skills and capabilities for Australian enterprise innovation”. The research underpinning the report
investigated the diverse skills and capabilities – both technical and non-technical – required by Australian organizations
to foster innovation.

As a springboard for this report, you are to read the report in full –it can be found at 

Once you have read and understood the report, your task is then to identify the key recruitment, selection and retention
issues facing Australian organizations in their quest to be innovative.

As the future of work and attracting the right talent for innovation are global issues, you will need to compare and
contrast the evidence in the ACOLA report with other similar reports, namely:
l Deloitte (2016) Global Human Capital Trends
l World Economic Forum (2016) The Future of Jobs
l UK Commission for Employment and Skills (2014) The Future of Work: Jobs and Skills in 2030

The references for these and other relevant reports, articles and books can be found in the references for the ACOLA

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