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Research & Proposal Project

Information Systems 1 a) Explain a computer system’s Input, Processing, Output and Feedback cycle, as well as the difference between information and data. b) Briefly explain the difference between the “finance” and “accounting” functions of an organisation including the types of information they output and likely sources of information c) Explain what an ERP is and the role an ERP might have in facilitating a smooth flow of information between a company’s finance and accounting departments d) Explain the competitive advantage an ERP can provide an organisation Information Systems 2 a) Briefly explain the five “Primary Activities” in Porter’s Value Chain. b) What is meant by the term Supply Chain Management? How can it help a company gain a competitive advantage? c) What is meant by the term CRM? How can it help a company gain a competitive advantage? Information Systems 3 a) Draw up a realistic organisational diagram for company’s ICT team where the company employs approximately 1000 people. b) Which roles sound attractive to you and why c) Discuss the ways in which the ICT department connects with the rest of the organisation. Information Systems Development a) It is argued that most ICT projects are not delivered successfully. Is this true? Discuss, with reference to whether the trend is going up or down and why that might be. b) Discuss the role PMBOK, PRINCE2, the SDLC, and Agile can play in the delivery of ICT projects. c) How would you define a successful Project Manager? Information System Development (B) a) Prototyping is a tool used in system development. What is prototyping and what are its main advantages and disadvantages. b) Briefly describe two data gathering techniques that are used by systems analysts. c) Briefly explain the difference between and Agile approach to software development and the SDLC approach d) Two of the techniques that can be used to implement a new system are “Pilot” and “Parallel Operation”. Briefly describe each and compare their relative advantages.
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