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Research: Aviation History in Australia- Technological Advances in Aviation- Research Paper Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HAEH

Research Paper Writing Assignment:


Your paper should briefly cover the following areas:

– The history of aviation. The development of the aircraft and the implications and limitations of materials, technology, etc., throughout its history and the people that were involved should be discussed.

– Milestones of aviation development matched to historical events.

– Economic viability of aviation and the main sources of income throughout the years.

– Key technological advances in aviation (eg. closed cockpits, monoplanes, variable pitch propeller, pressurization, safety equipment, jet engines)

– Historical flights and events, (eg., Bert Hinkler’s flight to Sydney, Charles Lindbergh’s tran-oceanic flight, Amelia Earhart) and their impact on aviation and its development.

The paper will draw on sourced literature and other sources. (Hint: Use the Library’s resource search and online journal databases, (eg.,Ebscohost, books, videos, etc.)


The paper is to be written in essay format, with an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion and will be properly referenced.

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