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RES5115: Research Preparation- Principles & Approaches- SPSS Statistics- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HAJA

Report Writing Assignment:


The final report should be written in a standard scientific style, using appropriate language and data presentation.

It should be clear from the report what analysis you conducted but you should not specify the formal hypotheses or make reference to any significance threshold. The results of hypothesis tests should be presented in a standard style, for example APA style or similar. You will be marked on what graphics and tables you choose to include in the report and the appropriateness of your choices. Extraneous information that doesn’t convey any useful information is as bad as missing information as it distracts from the overall message you are trying to present. The report should include a description of the problem, a summary of the data, the numerical results and a conclusion contextualising the results in terms of the problem and  discussing the limitations of the study.

In addition you will be marked on whether you have correctly performed the appropriate analysis, verified the assumption of the chosen test, and conducted any appropriate post-hoc tests. This is a computer-based assignment and you are expected to perform all analyses using SPSS. If you wish to use a different package, please email me in advance to get my confirmation that it is alright.

This assignment must be completed using the SPSS statistical software package. If you wish to use a different package please get confirmation before proceeding. It is expected that your assignment solutions are presented in the context of the problem. Simply stating the numbers from the output
table will not suffice. Examples of this are given on Blackboard in the Quantitative weekly folders as part of the Workshops.

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