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Religious Subculture Assignment Help

How religion affect to the consumer behaviour. Short report explaining.

The evaluation of this assessment will be based on the following:


1 Relevance of the examples to the theory.

2 Creativity in blending the different sources of information

3 Critical analysis and clarity of explaining the theory


Religious sub culture

(Here is some information about the religious subculture. if you want to use some information from this part, you can make paraphrase.)

Most of the world’s major religions represent in Australia. Table 12.6 list the main religious denominations in Australia, based on the 2011 census. The largest single religious group is Roman Catholic Christian, though collectively they are outnumbered by other Christian denominations. Non- Christian adherents are also present in considerable numbers. Perhaps surprising is the small number of Jewish adherents. It is understood that some Jewish people do not identify themselves as Jewish by religion or do not report their religion on the Census.

The members of all these religious groups are at times likely to make purchase decisions that are influenced by their religious identify. For many Australians in the post war period Sunday was a day devoid of shopping, professional sport and entertainment.


Roman Catholic used to eat fish on Friday. However, as Australian life has become increasingly secularised, adherence to traditional religious rules has diminished. Nevertheless, Consumer behaviour is directly affected by religion in terms of product that are symbolically and ritualistically associated whit the celebration of various religious holiday. For example, Christmas has become the major gift – purchasing season of the year, while for many Australians, Easter festivals mean no more than long holiday break. Some religious group have their own media, such as the Australian Jewish News. Religious Requirements or practices sometimes take on an expanded meaning beyond their original purpose. For instance, dietary laws for an observant Jewish family represent an obligation, so there are a range of Kosher foods and products that at times find a wider market. Similarly, Australia is a large producer of Halal food prepared for export as well as the local market. These religious rules mostly describe what animals can be eaten, how they should be slaughtered and how food should be prepared. Pig meat, for example, is prohibited in both religions. Research into the family has indicated that husband and wife decision making is also related to religious orientation.

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