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Reflective Journal : Management Assignment

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Management Assignment

Questions :

1 -Name four external factors that have an influence on business. Give examples of the ways in which each factor can affect the business performance of two companies: Wal-Mart and Ford.

2 – If you started a business that made surfboards, what factors of production would you need to make your product? Where would you get them? Where would you find the money you’d need to

3 – Identify the four types of competition, explain the differences among them, and provide two examples (other than those used in these learning materials) of each.

4 -Is Honesty Academic?
Just as businesses have codes of conduct for directing employee behaviour in job-related activities, so, too, do universities have codes of conduct to guide students’ academic behaviour. They’re called various things – honour codes, academic integrity policies, policies on academic honesty, student codes of conduct – but they all have the same purpose: to promote academic integrity and to create a fair and ethical environment for all students.
Locate information on the University of Canberra’s academic integrity policies and answer the following questions (in your own words):

a)What behaviours violate academic integrity?

b)What happens if you’re accused of academic dishonesty?

c)What should you do if you witness an incident of academic dishonesty?

5 – Explain the difference between an ethical dilemma and an ethical decision providing an example of each.

6 -Describe an ethical lapse and provide an example.

7 -Nonprofit organisations (such as the University of Canberra) have social responsibilities to their stakeholders. Identify UC’s stakeholders. For each category of stakeholder, be able to explain the ways in which the university is socially responsible to that group.

8 – There are four common ways for a firm to expand its operations into overseas markets: importing, exporting, licencing, and franchising. First, explain what each approach entails. Then, select the one you’d use if you were the CEO of a large company. Why was this approach particularly appealing?

9 – You own a company that employs about two hundred people in South Australia to produce sporting equipment. Why might you decide to outsource your production to China? Would closing your plan and moving operations overseas help or hurt the Australian economy? Who would be hurt? Who would be helped? No, armed with answers to these questions, ask yourself whether you would indeed move your facilities or continue making sports equipment in South Australia. Explain your decision.

10 – You’re a partner in an Australian engineering firm that’s interested in bidding on a water- treatment project in Southern Africa. You know that firms from two other countries – Malaysia and Italy – will submit bids. The section 70.2 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) forbids you from making any payment to foreign officials to enlist their help in getting the job. Unfortunately, the governments of Malaysia and Italy don’t prohibit local firms from offering bribes. Are you at a disadvantage? Should section 70.2 be repealed? Why, or why not?

11 -Why are most small businesses found in the service-producing sector? Identify five small service-producing businesses that you patronise frequently. What kinds of small businesses are found in the good-producing sector? What small goods-producing firms do you do business with regularly?

12 – If business ownership interests you, you can start a new business, buy an existing one, or
obtain a franchise. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Which option do you
find most appealing, and why? Describe the business you would probably start.

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