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R Studio: Logistic Regression Model- Understand Employee Attrition- R Programming Assignment

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R Programming Assignment:


For this project, you will build a model to better understand employee attrition at a midsized firm. Since hiring, training, and retaining top talent is very expensive, any insights gained can go a long way in saving the company time and money. The dataset (snapshot on next page) contains information on 1,470 employees. The response variable is labeled Attrition, and the remaining predictor variables should be self explanatory.
Your assignment is to model Attrition using a logistic regression model, and to report your findings to management.

In addition to building a model for attrition within the company, management has asked you to look into the following:
1. For hiring purposes, obtain an estimate of the number of current employees expected to leave the firm, by department.

2. They are particularly interested in two new superstar Research Scientists that they do not want leaving for a competing firm. These two employees are Employee Number 662 and 1115. Should they be concerned with these two employees leaving? Why or why not? If yes, suggest how they might retain one or both of these employees.

3. They are considering lessening the travel requirements for a number of job titles. What effect might this have on retention, if any? Be sure to include the magnitude of any effects.

4. Based on your findings, suggest at least one other course of action that can be reasonably implemented to improve employee retention.

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