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PUB708 – The Consumption Of The Energy Drinks – Research Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5693

Research Assignment :

Case Study:

The consumption of the energy drinks has increased especially amongst the young people as it is believed to increase physical and mental energy. The caffeine in the drinks causes accelerated heartbeats, insomnia, anxiety and caffeine addiction. Caffeine absorbed in the body prompts the heart to secrete norepinephrine and epinephrine which increases the muscle contractions resulting in increased blood pressure which fastens the heartbeat (Van Batenburg-Eddes, Lee, Weeda, Krabbendam & Huizinga, 2014). Taking more caffeine than the required amount causes abnormal heartbeats, stomach pains, and repetitiveness. A study by (An, Park & Kim, 2014) on Effect of energy drink does on exercise capacity showed that taking energy drinks with 2.5 mg/kg- caffeine had no significant change in heartbeat rate and blood pressure before and after a physical exercise. The study involved 15 students at K university and their respiratory parameters used were
heart rate and perceived exertion. The energy drink had a positive influence on exercise performance and had no side effects on cardiovascular system. In another study by (Del Coso, Portillo, Salinero, Lara, Abian-Vicen & Areces, 2016) on the influence of caffeinated drinks on high-speed running showed that caffeinated drinks increased the running distance and speed because of high intensity running. The study involved elite field hockey players who ingested 3mg of caffeine, and the participants waited for 60mins before playing for the caffeine to absorb. Therefore, the study through an experimental study intends to analyse the effects of energy drink on the respiration rate of people before and after running in Pauma town.


Does energy drink influence the respiration rate of people before and after running in Pauma town?

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