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Topic is Schizophrenia disorder : 

Developing the topic schizophrenia from the bio-cognitive- social model. Use only apa citations yeah:

1. Introduction: for in this example would include an explanation of the biological dimension.

2. History: the evolutionary development on schizophrenia.

3. Theories: biological,psychological and social cultural perspectives.

4. Prevelance : describe the symptoms associated with schizophrenia ,document the history and establish

the prevelance statistical.

5. Treatment, prevention and limitation :  describe any medication prescribed and the effects in term of

managing symptoms associated with the disorder .Although drug therapy has its use ,especially in cases

that are not responding to psychological therapy ,cognitive -behaviour therapy remainsa more effective

choice than medication alone.

6. Summary/conclusion : summarize what is involved in this process and how the one domain biological

affects the other 2 domains (cognitive and social) highlight the development of a particular domain and do

not introduce any new information.

6. APA stlye referencing to support statements claimed through out the paper as well as a refrence page


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