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Professional development- Management assignment

Internal code- MAS3930

Management assignment


Task 1- write a management report which  should undertake a significant project that showcases your ability to apply your acquired knowledge from other modules and independent research to the evaluation of an identified issue or need within a specific context. Your context could be a specific organisation, business or project. You will need to choose an organisation carefully to ensure you have sufficient access to investigate an issue or need, from both an internal and external perspective.

Task 2

a. Professional Development Evidence
In your portfolio you should produce a clear set of supporting documents that relate to key learning experiences (3-4 key events), that are referenced clearly. These documents can be files or multi-media (e.g. extracts from a recorded presentation, links to work you have produced, recordings of presentations or observed tasks you have been involved with etc) and should only be selected to help you tell a story about what you have experienced.
You will need to be very precise and selective about what you include in your portfolio evidence, ensuring it has direct relevance to what you will reflect upon in your final reflective practice essay.
b. Reflective Practice Essay
In this part of your assessment, you should complete an overall reflective essay focusing on your professional development. Producing this piece of work gives you the opportunity to: –

  •  This development activity can relate to projects or tasks completed during your MSc programme, your extra-curricular activities, your work experience and/or the process of completing your final independent research project.
  • Focus on key elements within your total experience that went well or that could have been developed further. With aspects of your personal development that could have been improved, you should focus on how your experiences will lead to you do things differently next time you encounter a similar situation.
  • Your reflective practice report should be written up in three sections:
    1. Primary reflection
    2. Secondary reflection
    3. Intention to change

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