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Process Design & Calculations In Chemical Plant: Career Episodes Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS898

Career Episodes Writing Assignment:


1. The first CDR report you have to make on designing of HEAT EXCHANGER which is done in semester 6. The report project I am sending you as guidance has description something else on it but you should write it as I have done in semester 6. This report should be written as I have studied designing unit in this semester and I have done a designing project with the help of head of department to design a heat exchanger. You have to adjust this project
because I lost my original one, and this one is just for your assistance. The same CDR reports have already one made on this. Please read the sample one.
2. The second CDR report you have to write on esterification which was done as a group project in semester 7. I am sending you the whole project undertaken by me. This was assisted by our head of department. Please read the few starting project pages.
3. The third CDR report you have to write on ENERGY AUDIT which I did in semester eight training. Training was taken at VERKA milk plant. I have this project as a hard copy. So start work on first two and later on I will send you the scanned copy of this project.

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