PPMP20007: International Project - Outsourcing Management - Leadership - Project Management Assessment Answer

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Project Management Assignment Answer

Some suggested topics:

  1. International Projects: This is a chapter from the textbook that is not covered in this course, so aspects of this topic would be appropriate for your presentation. You can read this chapter to get an overview and understanding of this topic. Some of the areas that could be discussed in your presentation are:

    • What additional challenges are there when you are involved in managing an international project?

    • What is culture shock and what are strategies for coping with culture shock?

    • How do you select and train personnel to work on international projects

    • What are the cross-cultural considerations?

b. Outsourcing/Procurement Management:

There is a chapter on outsourcing in the textbook that is not covered in this unit. Some of the areas that could be discussed in your presentation are:

  • What is outsourcing and what are the advantages/disadvantages of outsourcing?

  • What is an RFP and what is involved in the selection of a contractor?

  • What are best practices in outsourcing project work?

  • Discuss the art of negotiation.

  • What are the different contract types and their risks (from the contractor and customer perspective)?

  • What contract types are appropriate for agile projects?

  • What is the “point of total assumption” and how do you calculate this?

  1. Leadership: For example:

    • Different leadership styles.

    • The types of power leaders use.

    • How to learn to be a good leader and what makes a good leader.

    • Stephen Covey and improving effectiveness.

  1. Human resource management: 

    For example:

    • Motivation Theories (e.g. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory, McClelland’s Acquire-Needs Theory, McGregor Theory X and Y, Ouchi’s theory z, etc.)

    • Developing the Project Team

      1. Training.

      2. Team-building Activities.

      3. Different “personality types”: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Social Style Profile, DISC.

nternational Project -nternational Project -

  1. Quality Management: Quality management in only briefly introduced in the unit. There are a number of topics within the broad area of quality management that could be covered in more depth. For example:

    • Tools and Techniques for Quality control.

    • Six Sigma.

  1. Agile Project Management: Agile project management is introduced in this unit. However, there is scope to extend this topic. For example

    • Discussion of alternative agile PM methodologies (e.g. Kanban, Scrumban).

    • Scaled Agile Framework.

    • DevOps (Agile development and operations).

    • More details about agile: e.g. agile estimation, agile story cards/user stories

  1. Effective Communication: For example

    • Keys to good communication?

    • Use of technology to enhance communication.

    • Running Effective Meetings

    • Using E-mail, Texting and collaborative tools effectively.

    • What makes a good presentation?

  1. Software Tools and Systems for Project Management

  1. Systems Engineering and Project Management: Topics to be covered could include:

    • What are Systems Thinking?

    • What is Systems Engineering?

    • What are the dimensions of Systems Engineering?

    • What is the Systems Life Cycle?

    • What is the relevance of Systems Engineering to Project Management?

  1. Value Management: For example:

    • What is value management?

    • What are the benefits of value management?

    • What industries use value management?

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