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Physiological Functioning: Nursing- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS1691

Report Writing Assignment:


From the ten topics provided below, you are to write a report describing:
1. The normal physiological functioning/regulation of the listed body system;
2. How that system is affected physiologically during the development of a specific disease/disorder, with an emphasis on how homeostatic regulation is affected; and,
3. What possible treatment avenues are available to restore homeostasis or normal regulation All four articles must have been published in the past five years. You may still cite older articles in your report, however, your four key articles must be no older than five years.

Topic choices (choose just ONE of the following topics) five systems ten topics select just one topic which you feel easy.
1.Nervous system (two topics)
A. Multiple sclerosis
B. Retinitis pigmentosa

2.Endocrine system (two topics)
A. Addison’s disease
B. Diabetes mellitus

3.Respiratory system (two topics)
A. Asthma
B. Pneumonia

4.Cardiovascular system (two topics)
A. Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
B. Arrhythmia

5.Gastrointestinal system (two topics)
A. Crohn’s disease
B. Ulcerative colitis

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