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Assignment Task:

Include duration of illness, i.e. acute, persistent, or chronic. Also include any Physical manifestations of the disease i.e. fevers, rashes, swollen lymph nodes etc. also include incubation period. 

Causative Agent:
Include Gram status or any other microbiological stain that aids in identifying the organism, cellular morphology, hemolysis pattern on blood agar, any immunological classifications, cite if the microorganism is bacterial, viral or fungal.
How does the organism interact with the host to cause disease? Name virulence factors the organism produces and briefly describe how they work. 

List potential complications of the disease and what causes those complications.
List how the organism is spread, cite the characteristics of the populations of people that are most susceptible to the infection, cite potential reservoirs of infections and modes of transmission. 

Prevention and treatment:
List strategies to prevent the spread of the organism, list antimicrobial medication used for treatment(ie antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungals), describe how the antimicrobial impacts the orgasms (for example cell wall synthesis, protein synthesis etc. also list any other types of medical treatments used to combat the disease, ex. immunizations.) 

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