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Assignment Task 1: [70 Marks] – Project Format
Read the following Scenario, and prepare a report with the guidelines provided.

Scenario: The learner is acting as an internal quality consultant for a chosen organization (preferably where the learner is currently working or any other chosen organization in mutual consultation with the instructor). The learner is required to look at the existing supply chain networks, operations management and quality management processes, procedures and systems within the organization, and, evaluate the competitiveness of the organization in achieving key strategic objectives.

The report should include the following:
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction of the Chosen Organization briefly stating the organizational objectives that can be linked to Operations, Quality and Supply Chain processes.
3. Evaluate the success of existing operations management processes and quality management processes in achieving the chosen organization’s strategic management objectives.
4. Evaluate how Lean Management Planning and Supply Chain Efficiency contribute to achieving organizational objectives.
5. Discuss how the information management system enhances overall business operations of the organization. Critically evaluate the monitoring systems deployed.
6. Conclusion and Recommendations
7. References (Adhering to Harvard Referencing Format)
The report shall not exceed 6,000 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations.

Assignment Task – 2: [30 Marks] – Project Plan
Propose and design a Project Plan for a New Strategic Business Unit [SBU] as part of expansion plan for the chosen organization in Task 1. Discuss how the project plan will impact the overall strategic objectives of the organization.
Use appropriate Network Planning, Project Management and Control tools/techniques. The report shall not exceed 1500 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations.

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