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Nursing Leadership and management- Nursing assignment

Internal code-MAS3978

Nursing assignment

The purpose of assessment 2 is to enable students to link leadership and management theory to practice, enhancing their ability to work as a registered nurse. Assignment 2 extends on assignment 1. Work from assignment 1 may be refined as necessary and included in
assignment 2.The assignment requires students to continue to reflect on their personal leadership and management skills. Students will identify both their strengths and weaknesses and indicate those areas requiring development. In 2,750 words students are to reflect on their personal leadership and management skills and discuss what they could do to enhance their personal leadership and management capacity in these areas.
This assignment is a scholarly item of assessment so it is necessary to support the discussion with reference to the literature on leadership and management. Reference to the literature will demonstrate understanding of leadership and management theories and practice
on which you base your personal reflection.

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