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Nursing Assignment Questions Help

1. What is the NSQHSS, in general? (pp. 3-6)

2. Home nursing: what is it?

3. Lap Cholecystectomy: what is it? What are the post-op dangers nurses should focus on?

4. Bring in the scenario and its complications

5. Go to the NSQHSS and select the 2 that are most relevant to Mrs Brown

Name the 2 standards (Standards 2, 3 and 4 look pretty good, but you decide)

Explain how you would apply these 2 standards in the home compared to a hospital


Body (150 – 200 words for each statement)

6. For each NSQHSS statement, explain:

(a) A summary of the statement (use Intro sections)

(b) Why it’s relevant to Mrs Brown

(c) The similarities and differences when applying this standard to HITH compared with a

hospital setting

(d) What the HITH nurse should therefore do and not do for Mrs B (best practice for her

situation & health conditions, backed by academic sources)

Conclusion (about 150 words)

7. Summarise the above

8. Make some recommendations / speculation on future action for HITH services

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