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NURS6032: Resource for a Newly Graduated Registered Nurse – Clinical Resource Portfolio Assignment Help

The purpose of the clinical resource portfolio is to develop an education/information resource for a newly graduated registered nurse working in your specialty clinical area. The resource should have an aspect of orientation to the area and should also include current resources and information that would enhance the registered nurses’ knowledge base with a focus on evidence-based practice.

Topics can be chosen from the following areas

• Mental health
• High equity
• Operating Theatre, Recovery, Anaesthetics
• Surgical nursing: vascular, cardiac, respiratory, renal, plastics, head and neck
• Palliative care
• Rehabilitation nursing
• Aged care in the acute care setting, aged care setting
• Oncology
• Burns unit
• Haematology
• Nurse led wards
• Paediatrics

The clinical resource portfolio will have six areas of content chosen by the student to meet the needs of the education portfolio. The content areas are for the student to choose and develop specific to their chosen topic.

An example of content areas that students may focus on includes patient initiatives, care plans, legal responsibilities, current research and education, policies and procedures, best practice for a specific topic or care, fact sheets, principles of management.

This will be further discussed buy the specialty teachers in the first tutorial. Direct all enquiries regarding this assessment to the specialty tutor.


This resource portfolio should combine descriptive and explanatory writing using the subheadings as required and must be supported by the literature. Tables and graphics may be included and are not counted in the word count.

Ensure each page is numbered and includes a header and/or footer. Use consistent formatting and appropriate academic and medical language. Writing should be clear and succinct. Please make sure you edit and proof read your work to avoid lost marks form spelling and grammatical errors or poor presentation. Make sure the font size and style is easily read. It is recommended that you use Arial font, with the minimum font size 10 point. Stay within the word count to prevent penalties. The word count should include all words in the body of the case study. Do not count the reference list.



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