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NURS3002: Decision Making in Practice- Nursing Essay Writing Assignment Help

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Nursing Essay Writing Assignment Help:


This assessment requires you to write a 3000 word academic essay focused on decision making in nursing practice in preparation for PEP. The key purpose of this essay is to discuss three theories/models of decision making used in nursing practice. Critically analyse these theories and explain which theory will be applied during PEP with a clear rationale supporting this. The following aims to support and guide you:

This is an academic piece f work and should be written in the 3rd person

1. In text references are INCLUDED in the word Count
2. The reference list is NOT included in the word count

A clear concise and relevant title, try to make it interesting to capture the reader’s attention.

The introduction should be approximately 10% of the total word count
The introduction should clearly state what the topic of the essay is and briefly outline the main points to be discussed
The remainder of the essay should follow the outline included in the introduction

Main body
You should outline a minimum of three decision making theories or models that can be used in nursing practice.
Analyse each one outlining the pros and cons for each.
Choose one that you would apply to your nursing practice with a clear rationale and examples from practice to explain your choice.
Connect the theory to practice to promote an interesting and thought provoking piece of work.
Discuss complexities, contradictions and inconsistencies between the theories and provide at least 1 counter-argument for each.
Ensure that all of your evidence and examples are specific, relevant and explanations are given for each

The conclusion should be approximately 10% of the total word count
The conclusion should restate the key message as outlined in the introduction within the first two sentences
Should include a summary of all the key points discussed throughout the essay.
There should be a clear statement which affirms the chosen theory for decision making in nursing practice with a succinct supporting rationale.
No new information is included in the conclusion

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